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Article No : sjdor-v1-1005
Srwsh N. qadr

Objective: There are many evidences about relationship between eating behavior and drug addiction. A number of susceptibility loci that point to shared higher order genetic pathways underling addiction were found in genetic studies. This study assumed that a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of food addiction would produce important enrichment in genes and pathways related to addiction. Methods: This study done among 314 women of European ancestry, by using a GWAS of food addiction, which is determined by the modified Yale Food Addiction Scale (mYFAS). Results for enrichment of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (n 5 44), genes (n 5 238) and pathways (n 5 11) involved in drug addiction were tested. Results: Two loci met GW-significance (P< 2.5 10 -8) with no obvious roles in eating behavior, they are mapping to 17q21.31 and 11q13.4. GW results were significantly enriched for gene members of the MAPK signaling pathway (P = 0.02). After adjustment for multiple testing, candidate SNP or gene for drug addiction was not linked with food addiction. Conclusions: limited support was delivered for shared genetic underpinnings of drug addiction and food addiction, although the GWAS of mYFAS, need further investigation and follow up.

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